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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wee Tiny Fella

I knew this one was going to be tiny, that's why it got "painted" with Alene's Stop Fraying. I did the edges of the bigger pieces, ie body and legs, totally covering the head parts, ears, arms, and where the joint pins will go through. This wee head was tricky, but fast because it is sooo small. And he already has a name! We will have a Walter Sr., Walter Jr., and Walter III when I am finished. I am currently putting Walter III together. I will do the Jr. next.

Since my hands and fingers are so small, I can sew these tiny pieces quite easily. I think if it were different, I may try to come up with an alternate method. I do sew all the "straights" on the larger bears on my machine, it is faster that way. Although, I find I give up some of my perfectionist ways when the machine does the work for me. I like to finish the bindings on my quilts by hand as well. No better feeling than to pull that last stitch through and know you did it all!

I got some arcs and more melons done for the wedding ring, hence the reward of sewing on the teddy bear. I am working on hand stitching the bindings in the evenings when we have tv or other shared time after Shane is finished with his work day. It is coming along, nearly finished with the first one.

We've made our plans and have our invites out there for Thanksgiving. I just need some good dessert recipes to try. I know of the usual ones and my dearly beloved wants a pecan pie, so I will be doing those, but if you have a favorite sweet recipe, please let me know. I still need to get my turkey and a couple other things to boost up the table. Would like to get this runner done to decorate with, we will see.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Remember, if you have a favorite dessert recipe, please post it here or on The Crafter's Thread Facebook page. Thank you so much.

happy crafting,


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