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Friday, November 21, 2014


Walter III, weighing in at 50grams (1.75oz.) and measuring 10.5cm (4.25in). Walter III is officially the smallest teddy bear I have made. He comes in a close second behind Molly. She lays down and kicks her feet behind her and is about 4.5in long. When Walter III is sitting on the table, he barely makes 3 inches tall (7.5cm). I had to put garnet sand in his belly to make him weigh anything. I was amazed at how LITTLE poly-fil it took to fill his wee arms and legs.  He is so cute. But for all his cuteness, he was a challenge. The pieces are so tiny. It wasn't that I had a hard time sewing it, that was easy. The challenge was turning it and then the joints. I had to find the tiniest method of jointing, using the thinnest joint discs I could find and t-head cotter pins to keep it all together.

Putting the filling in  became an art form, kind of like surgery! I used my hemostats and a chopstick. Even my skinny fingers were too big to push the stuffing in to the ends of the arms, legs, and body. Where there is a will, there is a way! (You should have seen me trying to take this picture, my nose is big for a reason!!)  His joints are 15mm (5/8") in the head and arms and 20mm (3/4") in his legs, that's pretty small. I think next time I will use washers as the depth of the plastic is too much for the arms. The inside of the body has mostly joint discs in it, making it require very little poly-fil. 

This morning, Walter III wanted to share my cuppa tea. He sneakily stood beside it for a while, showing me he was a big boy for standing on his own. But alas, the aroma of nice warm tea got the better of him and he took a nose dive. Fortunately, I caught him before he could get wet and drown! 

Hope you enjoy your day. I will be making Walter Jr. and working on melons and the double wedding ring. I also have some Christmas presents that I would like to finish and get some others going. We did some grocery shopping yesterday for Thanksgiving, we have a reasonably small "family" this year, I'm only cooking for 8.  I love to cook! 

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Please post pics to The Crafter's Thread on Facebook or here. I love seeing what you do. So many talented crafters out there.

happy crafting,


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