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Monday, November 17, 2014


Had a friend post on her Facebook page Sunday that she was too sore to stitch and her eyes were blurry, I felt so bad. What would I do if I couldn't stitch????? I am here to tell you, I prayed hard for her. What would you do if you woke up one day and couldn't do the things you love? I complain if I can't sew for a couple of hours..... Makes me thankful I can get out of bed most days and come to my studio and play.

Speaking of playing, Bonnie Hunter's new mystery is coming up quickly with the first clue coming out Friday, November 28, less than two weeks now.  I decided to get busy and find some scraps in her color palette.  I usually don't use the given colorway, but I am intrigued by this year's choices. Here's what I came up with, paint chips are at the bottom. Come join in, dig through your scraps and sew along! Yellow, grass green, turquoise, and bright pink....along with black and neutrals, should be interesting. Nothing bigger than 3 yards, and I made it up of several different pieces. The title is Grand Illusion, just adding to the intrigue!

I also got the rest of the arc pieces cut for the melons. I had 25 more sets of 18 pieces to cut. Phew, now to get them sewn together. The arcs are the easy part, short straight seams. After the arc is sewn, the rest of the seams are curved...I love curved seams. The are intimidating to some, but if I use a lot of pins, I rarely get a pucker. I was going to say I have never gotten one, but I have....bummer. 

I am thinking that my goal setting has been good. I don't let things sit too long before I get to them. The UFO stack is going down and the scrap pile is going up. The teddy bear reward system is hard to do, but I am being strong...so far :-)   Maybe we should have some sort of a group challenge to get things finished and cleared from our to do lists.

I hope you are having a great day and that you get some time to do those things you love and meeting your goals as well. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. I love seeing what your projects are on The Crafter's Thread. Keep those pics coming.

Thanks again!



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