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Sunday, November 16, 2014


First, I am so excited to see the number of likes we have on The Crafter's Thread on Facebook. We have only had our page for three days and we have over 25 likes already. We had friends post on the wall yesterday with their projects. I am amazed by your work. I don't think I could crochet or needle turn applique to save my life, and yet those of you who can, make beautiful things. AMAZING! Thanks for posting. I am encouraged.....

I didn't make it to the joint bin sort out, but I have a good reason.  I have nothing to sort them into except the same ziplock and box storage system I am currently using. But, I did get my other goals done and dusted!!! I started the day wanting to finish two table runners and the melons for the double wedding ring quilt. I did the melons first as they were easy to accomplish.  I did all I had cut, one more set of cutting and I will be finished with the arcs, I can't wait. AND, I machine quilted and put the bindings on both table runners.  Phew, those runners have been laying here haunting me for at least a year! They are gifts, at least I made it by Christmas! Now to hand stitch the binding and some snowflakes on the snowmen.

It was garage sale weekend in our community and I manned that Friday and Saturday morning as we had a few things we wanted to get out of the garage! Fortunately, it was a very warm nice couple of  days! (And EVERYTHING sold!) We made enough to go to lunch, that's all we wanted!! 

Today, I would like to meet my goal on the melons again and start on this wee little bear. It is all painted with fray stopper and ready. I decided to hold on to it and make it my reward for getting the job done, I think I earned it yesterday. I organized so much, my husband was amazed. I am really motoring here.

Well, I need to get off here and get ready for church. I hope you have a fantastic day and get to worship in the church of your choice. Also, that you get some time to do something you love. Thank you so much for stopping by, I am loving sharing with you. You make my day.

quilt piece-fully,



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