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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Not So Wasted After All

Yesterday seemed to be a wasted day until I sat down and started to think about what I did.  Sometimes we just need to look back and realize when God changes our plans for the day, we need to run with it. Our trip to Mayo got sabotaged and the thought of coming home to reschedule and get some unexpected time to play was nice....if it had worked that way. But, it didn't and I didn't get to play. I did, however, get the HSTs finished and the arcs started. No time for the teddy bear though, I think I will only work on him today.

Our son is finishing his BS at ASU (Arizona State University) and I am proof-reading his final paper. That was my wrench in the day...a 40 page thesis. While I am uber happy that he is finishing, I hate correcting his work (only because I hate hurting his feelings for commas!!). AND, I don't want him to flunk the paper because I missed a pronoun :-(

SO just to make me happy, I am posting pics of some teddy bears I made a few years ago that sit on my hutch. Sweet little darlings....I love this pattern so much, I made two! They are perfectly proportioned and have been weighted to stand on their own. I love these guys, Nehemiah the First and Nehemiah the Second! 

And just look at those adorable faces!

I hope you smiled when you saw them, I accomplished my task if you did. I also hope you have a great day and have some time to do something you love. Our weather is cooling off, for others it is very cold. Still others find themselves headed for warmer weather....I envy you.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

happy stitching....



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