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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Getting There!

Here is the mini all painted and ready to be sewn. I am really looking forward to starting this one. I did the big one and then did something I have only ever done once before....I scanned and reduced the exact pattern to get the mini. I always just sit and draw the pattern, I feel like I cheated somehow!

One thing I have never done is use my mohair scraps to make another bear. I saved the bigger version's scraps to do exactly that. I must be crazy! I moaned and complained about how it kept fraying and here I am using the same fabric again! One change: this little wee thing is "painted" with Alene's Stop Fraying!! I am pretty sure it's not going anywhere! I put an extra layer in the vulnerable areas (where I stuff it and where the joint pins go through). It will need to dry for a bit longer. I'll keep you posted, I'm sure, on the continuing saga. Hopefully, there won't be any further issues.

I can't believe I got it all out of scraps, I love saving money!

I also started to organize all the bits and pieces it takes to make the bears. I had a box full of eyes. Some are German glass eyes, some plastic safety eyes...all in ziplock bags in a cardboard box that has so many corners torn, I have no idea how the bags stayed in there. I now know exactly what I have and where to find it, thanks to this nice little storage set. I have the boot buttons separated from the glass eyes and the safety eyes are all organized by size in the bottom row of drawers. Every drawer is labeled with what is inside, if the drawer has a divider, both are clearly labeled on the front. Smallest eyes are on the top left and largest on the bottom right. I'm loving it! I think today I will tackle the joint bin.....

I got the cutting and sewing tables organized as well.  Just need to finish filing the "I want to make this some day" patterns in the filing box.

Well, this teddy bear is dry and needing to be sewn.  I better get to it. I am also working on the pictures for the tutorials and finishing up the melons for the double wedding ring quilt. Can't wait to get the tutorials posted and going. 

Hope your day and weekend are fantastic. I appreciate you stopping by, see you tomorrow.

hoping you have time to do something you love,

P.S. Here's the only girl puppy in the litter....little "Bobbin" is so adorable!! Her brothers all have their eyes open now too. I can't believe they are two weeks old already!


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