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Thursday, November 6, 2014


The first of the month brings a lot of Block Of the Month blocks. The first Wednesday brings one of my favorites. Quilters Newsletter has a Quilt of Valor BOM this year. They have given us a block that was originally published in their first year of publication. I have eleven blocks done with the last one given at the beginning of December. We have only used three of our six colors, so I am sure the border will bring in the other two blues and the red. I love this month's for simplicity and beauty. It only took me about 30 minutes from the first cut to the last iron. If you want to make this one, or the others in the BOM, it can be found on quiltersnewsletter.com and is called Ooh-Rah.

I will be finishing another BOM this month as well.  I found it on freequiltpatterns.com. It is by Pat Sloan and is called "Globetrotting" We were given nine different blocks through September, with the setting layout in October. I will get to finishing that in time, just not today!

I am one fortunate girl, I was able to get a "light box" to help with my teddy bears and applique tracing for the quilts. I am not much on applique, but it is nice to be able to trace the pattern without having to worry if it is daylight or not! This model gets it's power USB through my computer so is very portable and bright. I want to design another bear or do some applique just to play with it.

Lunch wasn't too bad if you call talking politics not too bad :-)   The food was good and that's a plus. We spent a bit of time at the office, so I sat at Shane's desk while he did all his "work". I didn't get much done though as most of his co-workers wanted to know how he "really is doing" from the one who will tell them the truth. It was nice for him to catch up and meet his new runners for the semi-annual 5K run. Since his cancer diagnosis on June 20, 2013 he was been working from home. His work has been so supportive and helpful. They have kept his area there and his name on the wall by his office. It has been really nice to go to the doctor appointments etc. with no worries about his job. He is able to put in all the hours he needs to and remain in his own restful, healing space here at home.

I hope you got more accomplished Wednesday than I did. I knew it was going to be a day out, and it was. Oh well, I got some goodies to play with and my kits mailed. It is so cool that people want to make my teddy bears. Enjoy your day, I have nothing on the calendar, so it should be a day to play. I should catch up on the laundry as well, at least the house is clean! 

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you more than you know.

quilt piece-fully,



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