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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bursting at the Seams

WOW! I bought a 5 pound (2.27kgs) box of poly-fil for my bears and cloth dolls. I was amazed by the size of the box at first, it was pretty small.  I opened the box and when the air hit the bag, the poly-fil started to expand. I still haven't opened the bag and it is already too big to fit back in the box...what do I do now???

I sprained my ankle last Saturday and have been trying to keep it up.  Yesterday I was "unstuffing" this pillow to fill a bear and I decided to use it under my ankle as well. It pulled double duty. The resulting teddy bear is lumpy which is what I wanted. The pillow is from a quilt and pillow set I made for our bed a few years ago. Two puppies later, the corners have been chewed off and it has been de-stuffed and re-stuffed too many times to count! Now it is in my teddy bear. Waste not, want not so they say! A penny saved is a penny earned!

And, here is the lumpy guy. His body is not filled yet, so he's very squishy! I hope to get him finished today. His ears are laying here waiting to be put on. Then my favorite part...the face. I am always amazed how their character comes out when I do their faces. If I were to do the face today, he would be doing a happy dance as my iPhone 6 Plus shipped yesterday....I can't wait to have it!!!

I created a new page on Facebook called The Crafter's Thread. Come join the fun and post your projects there. It's meant to be an encouraging community of crafters across the spectrum...from knitting to wood burning, it should be fun and interesting. Anyone can post to it and you can post patterns you've found or your projects. I hope we can connect with others around the globe with our common interests.

Have a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate you.

quilt piece-fully,



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