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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Have you ever had one of those days where everything you touched turned to gold and then one of those days where everything you touched turned to mush? Not that everything I touch ever turns to gold, I wish it did!! But, yesterday I had one of those days where every time I tried to work on something, it did not work.  I started on the teddy bear, I had finished most of the pieces on Sunday, all I had to do was sew in the foot pads which I quite easily finished. Then I began turning everything after testing to make sure I had sewn everything. I use a bodkin and "feel" around all the seams, the bodkin should stay in the piece and not poke through. Well, it did NOT, the fabric was already beginning to fray.  I chose a sparse mohair for this one and the weave on the backing is not 600 thread count, that's for sure! I thought with the size of the pieces I could use my sewing machine, so I did. Using the machine usually means I can skip the fray stop step. I put NEVER SKIP THE FRAY STOP step in my patterns, and I didn't abide my my own rules....... you can picture the rest of the story. I had to go back and lay a bead of fray stop in one hand and then sew the "glue" together as it had frayed that bad. I wanted this one to look old and loved......I GOT IT!! It is falling apart before it even has a complete body!

I then decided to put it down and do something else, "out of sight..." the old adage says, right???  Well, it's NOT true. It just kept haunting me. I tried to work on a quilt....thread kept breaking. I tried to organize in my studio, the dogs kept "UN-organizing". I finally decided to just give up and watch TV.  Fortunately, I didn't touch that or who knows what might have happened!!

I am hoping you had a better day than me and that today is even better! I am ready for a good day! How about you?

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you more than you know!

quilt piece-fully,


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