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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Scooby Doo and Shaggy too!!

I think mostly SHAGGY though! This bear is too cute so far. I have already designed the next one in my head. While I plucked the nose of this one, I was thinking what if I smoothed out the tummy, made really big feet and long legs, made the arms longer, and smoothed out the tail area.......

AND, he doesn't even have his ears on! The ears are made from the same shaggy fur so are very long as well, at least I didn't make them too big!

Here is the next mystery I am going to participate in.  It is Bonnie Hunter's and called Grand Illusion.  The colors on the side are Bonnie's choice of colors, she always gives us paint chip numbers/colors to pick up so we can get close to her colors.  This will be the first time I have ever gone with her colors....I've done several of her quilts, I love the scrap usage in them.  This one is no different, I will be pulling these colors out of my see through shoe boxes where I have my scraps stored by color. The good thing is if you don't have a large stash of scraps, she gives us specific yardage so you can go buy fabric and make it a controlled-color quilt. She usually gives us a link to help send traffic her way, I will post that as soon as it is available. We have the fabric requirements now, the first clue comes out the day after Thanksgiving (November 28) and will come out every Friday for 6-8 weeks. Her site is: quiltville.blogspot.com and it has a tab to Grand Illusion for more details. 

I'm thinking of putting a pattern for a quilt that I designed on this blog. I am looking at adding a tab at the top for my patterns, any thoughts?? I'll be adding the tutorials tab up there as well. Big things coming...watch this space!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your weekend. I hope you get to spend some time doing the things you love and attend the church of your choice. I love Sundays! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you!

quilt piece-fully,


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