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Friday, November 14, 2014

New to Old or Vise Versa!

While I love the teddy bear, I REALLY don't like the fur I used.  It definitely wasn't the best quality and even with fray stopping glue stuff, it is still coming apart at the seams. I wanted an old, worn, loved looking bear and I am getting one without any additional work! I plan to use some coffee here and there and add a patch and stitches for that loved look. Those patches may have to be strategically put over the fraying seams! Live and learn they say! (Just who are THEY anyway??)

This is what the bear looked like when I had it all put together. The ears are pinned on for eye placement.  I love, love, love this part. To some it is the most intimidating, but for me, this is where the bear really gets cute, or mad, or sad, or whatever!!

I am going to shrink this pattern and make a mini. I think the exaggerated legs and arms together with the big ears will prove to be an adorable mini. I WILL NOT be using the same mohair unless I paint the entire backing with fray stop!

My goals for the day....
  • garage sales for a piece of furniture I can re-purpose
  • finish melons for double wedding ring
  • patch this cutie patootie
  • enjoy the day with my husband!

Hope you have a great day and accomplish your goals. Come on over to The Crafter's Thread community on Facebook and share what you're doing. Just a bunch of crafters getting and giving good ideas. Why not share yours?

quilt piece-fully,


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