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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Worn and Loved

Before anything else, I would like to thank all those who serve in the military everyday of the year and in times past served as well. Many include my dad, father in law, son, daughter in law, son in law, brother, brother in law, nephew, and many friends covering all branches of the United States military. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, not just today, but everyday. For without you we would not have the freedoms we do. I am humbled by your selfless service. I appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you.
Yesterday I asked for your help on how to make fabric look old and loved. I tried several things. I used scraps from the ted I cut out so I would be using the exact fabric. I wanted to see how each method looked finished. First, I tried tea staining. It didn't look like I did anything. The tea color was too close to the color of my fur, therefore...no affect. Here are two tiny scraps and the selvedge edge tea stained, I cannot see where I soaked it.

The coffee, however did a good job. I used wet grounds on the back first and rubbed it around. This gave the effect of a darker backing fabric and lighter fur, more like the fur missed out on the love.  I rubbed the coffee into the right side and got this.  I am liking it better than the tea.  The only problem is that we don't like coffee, so I have to brew a pot and throw it away for the grounds!!

I also got good ideas from you for other ways to make this one look loved and worn. I am trying all of them. Come back tomorrow to see how each one fared. I may also try wood wool shavings (say that fast ten times!! I couldn't even type it correctly!) for the filling.  I played with it today and it breaks down pretty easily, so I am not sure it will work.

I am also going to try to sandpaper the fur side to "shave" it, trying to make it look like it had been drug across the floor for a child's life. Some of the methods, I cannot try until the teddy bear is finished as it requires stitching after the fact. I am looking forward to seeing the end result. It is all traced on the the fur and cut.  I have a few pieces sewn together, but don't want to finish before I decide on how to distress.  I hate froggin!! (rip it, rip it)

If you come up with any other ideas, please let me know. I am trying everything. I may not use it this time, but there are several more quilts and teddy bears to be made! I love trying new things as well. I am going to try the coffee and tea and burning on a quilt I have an idea for. I think it will do the trick quite nicely.

I hope you have a great day and have some time to do something you enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate you.

quilt piece-fully,


P. S. The puppies opened their eyes today!!!!!!!!! Here is our granddaughter with the only girl pup of the liter! Sooooo sweet.


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