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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another 18 Done

I'm sorry the post is late today, but I had a busy morning with a hair appointment and children.  I still hear the laundry shouting at me!  Errands, Errands, Errands!!!! seems they never stop.  I got my hair highlighted and all the layers finally cut off.  It is all one length now, it feels so short, but is still below my shoulder blades!  Guess it will grow out and I will feel better.  It looks really good though, I like it.  It hasn't been one length in a VERY long time. Just took a selfie to post...not the greatest pic, but at least you can see my hair!

Well, I got another 18 "lips" done yesterday.  I will be cutting more today.  I also continue to work on the leader/ender project.  I think I might just make it my main project soon.  I am not one to let things hang out for long before finishing.  I also worked on the frogs jumping across a quilt on the frame with the long arm.  Just one more row and they are all done.  The quilt will be ready to bind then.  I am anxious to get it finished and in the mail to our grandson!

No other pics today, just want to get the post up, plus not much more to see around here.  I will take some pics when I get the wedding ring on the wall again.  I needed to take it down when I tested the mystery.  I needed the wall space to lay that one out.

Back to cutting and sewing on the rings!

quilt piecefully,


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