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Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's Here!!!!

 It's finally Thursday and I got to get this little beauty today. It is a 1955 Singer 99K.  It was made in Scotland and is in wonderful condition.  I am so thrilled with it! I planned to put it in my studio, but my wonderful husband suggested the family room with my other antiques.  Wow, prize spot!!!!!
It came with all the attachments, the stool, and the table.  I can't wait to sew on it.  The only thing I don't have for it right now is a bobbin.  I only have new machines, this is my first antique.  I only have the plastic bobbin spools and they are not right for this.  I believe this model takes metal.  Oh well, I guess I have some internet shopping to do! 

I have been taking pics for the tutorial for the double wedding ring as well.  I just need a couple more and I'll post it.  If you would like the pattern, I will see what I can do to find a free one.  I know there are templates available to help with the process.  If you follow the tutorial, you can use your templates and my method and BOOM!!! you will have your quilt.  It is quite easy and scrap-friendly.  The only purchase you might need to make is the background as it takes a few yards.  If you plan to keep your b/g fabric all the same, buy it.  I know you could use different fabrics for the b/g if you kept the same color.  Hmmm, my mind is going crazy!  Must stop rambling.....

Have a fantastic crafty day,
quilt piecefully,


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