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Friday, September 19, 2014


Don't you just love the sound of a cleaned and oiled sewing machine??  I usually clean and oil the bobbin side of my machine, but decided it was time to get the vacuum and suck all the dust and lint out of the entire thing!  I oiled all the moving parts and now it sounds like a brand new machine.  It isn't very old, maybe two years, but it sounds like it just came out of the box.  I sew on a Janome, what do you sew on?? I love the stitches and versatility of this machine. I have a TinLizzie 28" longarm quilting machine on a 14foot frame, it will handle anything...kings included.  It doesn't have a computer, so it is all free hand or pantograph.  I like it.  Makes me feel like I am in control from start to finish on my quilts. Some people name their machines...my long arm is Tizzie, but my Janome still needs a name! Am I crazy, or have you named your machine??

I have almost everything cut for the double wedding ring quilt.  I will need to power sew to finish it, but I enjoy that part.  I really don't mind the cutting but sewing is a lot more fun!  Just a few more wedges and it's all cut except for the centers, those are easy....just cut around a template.  This is a challenging quilt as it is all on a curve.  It doesn't take long to sew the arcs together, but then pinning and sewing the arcs to the melons are curved.  The melons to the centers are curved as well.  I am happy to say I have no puckers yet though. 

This morning has been busy with lawn work and tidying this house!  With children around 24/7 it seems toys and school books are always everywhere.  I have the tv on for our youngest and Shane is schooling the oldest today.  I enjoy these days as I can sew after the chores are done.  It is still pretty warm outside today, there is a lot of humidity.  It took us about 10 minutes to sweat through everything, icky hot! 98F with 50% humidity...pretty warm, I'd say, glad to be back in the a/c.  

Well enough yacking and time to start sewing, lunch time soon!

Hope your day is fantastic and your spare time enjoyable!

quilt piecefully,


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