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Monday, September 22, 2014


Seems like the weekend just starts and it is already Monday again! We had a pretty busy weekend with grandchildren and traveling for church.  I didn't get much time in my "sanity" room and I can sure tell (so can Shane!!).  I am very fortunate to be able to spend as much time in here as I do.

Without further blabbering, Monday means another step in the big mystery quilt.  This week we are actually sewing big blocks together.  We are using the HSTs from last week and the four patch units along with some of the light colored squares we cut last week to make a star block.  

Here is the finished star:


Now for the steps, EASY, just lay out and sew your previously made squares together. You will be using the three color four patches in the middle, HSTs for your star points and the 3~1/2in squares in the four corners. The main thing you need to watch is fabric placement on your center four and your star points need to be facing in the right direction. It may also help if you wait to press until after the entire block is finished so you can nest your seams easier for a perfect square in the middle and star POINTS!! Square up your blocks to 12~1/2 inches, nice size block for a quilt.

Here is a pic of these blocks before they are sewn so you can just follow my pic of the block to help you. We need to sew 18 (eighteen) of these for next week.

Hope you have a fantastic week and you get plenty of time to do what you like. Please post pics of your current project....even if you don't quilt!! I would love to see what you're working on.  

quilt piecefully,


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