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Friday, September 19, 2014


Why is it that we are so blind to our own messes...   I was ironing this morning and saw this mess on the ironing board.  I don't know when it got like this, but it was STIFF with starch and the thread and lint was stuck everywhere!  So, off it came and got thrown into the wash. Looks like the iron leaked a couple of times as well!

And viola! it is clean again.  The stain is still there after a good wash, but much better, I'd say.  Now, I feel better about ironing again.  AND, I have a question for you...I have lowered my ironing board and still my arm and shoulder hurt after a couple of blocks, any suggestions on how to avoid this??  I am open to any suggestions.  Could just be age and arthritis, but I refuse to give in to it!

Well, I should be getting back to it.  I just heard the washer call me again, the children need bathing, and these wedding rings won't sew themselves!  Hope you have a great day and enjoy your free time.

quilt piecefully,



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