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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Still sorting.....

 Today I took the scrap basket that has been sitting by the sewing machine, well let's settle for quite a long time, and cut it down into workable strips and squares.  I began the task of sorting, cutting and putting away all the final strips and squares.  I found I didn't have enough shoe boxes for the scraps I have now.  I still have tons of scraps to cut down, but if I set small goals, I can get this job done.

This is the end result of my cutting and sorting for today. I have also been sewing on the blue/light quilt.  No progress today on the double wedding ring, but I can let you know I found a new way of doing them and they are much easier and much nicer in the end with my corners looking beeeeeautiful.  But, alas, I will share that tomorrow or Friday.  Tomorrow I get to pick up my nice surprise.......can't wait to share.....almost told you!

Back to sorting.  I will put a tutorial on for the wedding ring when I can get the pics taken. Maybe that's a job for my better half!  I need to sign off for now, time to go to church.

Enjoy your day,
quilt piecefully!


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