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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Mystery

I started another mystery this morning. This one takes A LOT less fabric and will still be 53" by 68".  You can make it bigger if you want by adding borders. Smaller is you don't add a border. The fabrics are listed below and these clues come out on Saturdays.  I used these fabrics in A-E order (dark blue = A and light blue =E).

Fabric A ~ 44 inches
Fabric B ~ 28 inches
Fabric C ~ 18 inches
Fabric D ~ 44 inches
Fabric E ~ 40 inches

Fabric A includes 16 inches worth of a border, If you don't want that to be your border, you will need to take 16 inches off there and add where you want, or wait until you are finished to decide on your border.

The first step is HST's again!! How weird is that?!?!?! You will need to use Fabrics B and D for one set and Fabrics A and D for another. I cut my strips at 4-1/2 inches and used my companion angle to cut the triangles. I cut them like before, in sets.  I put the A/D strips on the mat RST and cut them with the triangle ruler and then B/D the same. I sewed them together as they came off the mat.  You can use whatever method you like to make 4-1/2 inch squares (4 inches finished). Here are my step 1 squares.    You will have 40 squares finished after this step, 20 of each combination.  Keep your scraps as we will use them later.

Since we will be in Peoria, AZ tomorrow for my husband to preach in a church up there, I am writing this ahead and scheduling it to post in the morning. Hope you have a great Sunday and have some time to sew (or whatever it is you love doing!!), I may not, but some days are like that, right??

Post what you're working on, I would love to see.  

quilt piecefully,


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  1. I'm a pieced border kinda girl, so I will probably use a little of each because I have more than enough of all the colors except the white which was exactly 28 inches.