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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lovin' the Progress

 I am really excited with all the progress I've made today.  I got all the four patch units done for the mystery and got a few of the blue and light colored partial blocks done.  I got enough done to get one of each of the two blocks done.  EXCITING!

I think this is going to be a nice quilt when it is all finished.  It is my leader/ender project.  Movement is slow as I only get a few done each day.  I just had to stop and see what they would look like.  I think it would look nice as a controlled color quilt.  I just am trying not to buy fabric right now and use this boatload of scraps I have.  I looked in the 2-1/2" square shoe box because I had to replace one of the squares on a corner as it was torn from froggin' it, and found I still have several blue squares in there, even after using 180 of them in this quilt top!


I have also been keeping up with the cutting of scraps and keeping them in the shoe boxes.  I had to get another set as I ran out!! I am making good use of my sticky notes as well, I just have to remember to turn them over and write on the sticky side so I can see the labels in each box! If it isn't labeled, I know they are 2-1/2" strips. These are separated by color. Sometimes color is hard to determine, so I either take a picture of it and decide from there, or look to see which color first catches my eye.  I have separated some jelly rolls into several different color boxes. 

I need to get busy with the wedding ring, I have been busy cutting the arcs, getting bored with it, so now it's time to sew a while.  I have found when I get tired of doing one thing, to move on to something else and come back.  I ALWAYS make mistakes if I don't!  Talk tomorrow.  Hope your day is brilliant and enjoyable.  Don't blink with those babies, tomorrow they will be gone and you will be looking after grandchildren!  Love those grandbabies!!!!!!!

quilt piecefully,


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