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Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Mystery

I hope everyone had a great weekend and had some spare time to do the things you enjoy.  I did get a bit of sewing in.  I got several stars done for the scrappy blue/light quilt.  I have 42 blocks up on the wall, I have 24 more stars to do and it will be ready to sew together.  I also have been working on the wedding ring.  My project for this week is to get the dresses ready for the wedding and take my inspiration from that and work flat out on the wedding ring quilt.

The QCA Monday Mystery came out and here is a pic of my finished block for this clue.  Clue is a .pdf at the bottom of the post.  It was very easy today, but a lot of sewing.  First you need to sew the four patches and then make four patches from the four patches made of four patches!!!! You can see from the lighting that I pinwheeled my seams. The block lays nice and flat. We have the stars done and now this block, both measuring 12-1/2 inches.

Hope to get a lot done today.  The children are enjoying watching their morning tv.  Cole is finished with school for the day and playing around with his sister!  We only have 12 more days, getting sad now.  It has been a full summer with them here, it's going to be so QUIET without them.  We've got a lot accomplished, potty training, learning our name starts with a T, reading by phonics, jumping on one foot, when Nana says "no" she means "maybe later"....such a softie! and how to drink a whole bottle of gatorade before starting another.  I'm sure they knew most of this, but I will claim it anyway!!

Enjoy your day. Cuddle the babies!

quilt piecefully,


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