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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bright Colors

I don't know about you, but I love bright colors.  My color choices for the Saturday mystery aren't too bright alone, but when I put them together, they are really nice and bright.  Nice cheerful thing to be working on as the weather cools down.  Most people here are working on those autumn colors, but for us in Arizona, it is still very warm outside and I really don't want to give up summer quite yet!!
Here is the star block from the Saturday mystery. It was very easy with my easy angle and companion angle rulers.  I saved quite a bit of fabric with them as well.  I am sure I will have plenty left over to make the border out of which ever fabric I prefer.  Watch this space, I usually need help choosing the border fabric.  I love pieced borders as well, may try HSTs or hourglasses.

Here is everything we have done so far.  Judy over on the quilting board is posting the clues for us.  I do love a good mystery. If you are sewing along, the third clue is posted on the blog, you can go there to find it.  Please post pics so I can see what your color choices are and how you're coming along.

Hope your weekend is going really well.  Most of us are on the last day of it, some already into the new week.  Hope it is fantastic.  We only have two more weeks with our grandchildren. In some ways we are happy, but I know my heart is going to break without hearing their voices around the house and listening to them running around chasing each other.  What are we going to do with our time?!?!?!  I know their mommy and daddy will be happy to be all back together again, but that won't happen until our son comes home from his deployment to the desert in late April. We will miss them terribly.  Just don't think about it, count the next two weeks as a blessing and enjoy it! We are very fortunate grandparents.

quilt piecefully,


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