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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mystery Monday

     ?????????? It's A Mystery??????????

 Two Mysteries.....One solved, and one in the process!  The quilt I tested last week is a beautiful quilt top now.  The QCA mystery is in progress and it's Monday, so the next clue arrived today!!

Here is The Quilt and Needle top finished and on my king size bed.  I this it is different and gorgeous.  Some of the color choices were different, It is a very versatile pattern as far as color is concerned.  It has 200 log cabin blocks in it of three different sizes.  Jessica is brilliant when it comes to design.  See her patterns on her site thequiltandneedle.com.  You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Good Morning everyone.  I'm happy it is finally Monday again and I can post the third step to the mystery.  So far, we have cut and sewn our 3-1/2" half square triangles. Today we will be cutting and sewing with all three colors. We are making two different colorways of four patch units. 

From Fabric #1, cut: (this is your dark)
* 21 (2” wide) strips. 

From Fabric #2, cut: (this is your light)
* 7 (2” wide) strips.
* 20 (3-1/2” wide) strips. From strips, cut 216 (3-1/2”) squares. These squares will be used in Steps 4, 5, and 7.

From Fabric #3, cut: (this is your accent)
* 14 (2” wide) strips 

Using the 2" strips, join a fabric 1 and fabric 3 on the long side to make STRIP SET A. Repeat to make 14 strip sets.

Again, using the 2" strips, join a  fabric 1 and fabric 2 on the long side to make STRIP SET B.  Repeat to make 7 strip sets.

We need to cut 2" sections from these to make into a four patch unit. I like to lay the strip sets out right sides together to cut the four patch unit all at once.  So lay your "A" segments right sides together (nest your seam for a perfect 4 patch unit) and cut 68 2" segments to sew your two color four patch units.  Next, we will lay our segment "B" and "A" right sides together, again nesting your seams, and cut to sew 140 three color units.  OR you can cut a strip at a time. For your "A" strip sets, cut 276 2" wide segments, and 140 from your "B" segments. Join these segments to make 68 (two color) and 140 (three color) units.

*SMALLER QUILTS will need:

8 block needs 64 three color and 32 two color units
6 block needs 48 three color and 24 two color units
for either....72 3-1/2" squares (this takes 7 strips)

When we are finished we will have 216 3-1/2" squares to be used later, 68 two-color four patch units, and 140 three-color four patch units. In addition to these, we have our 144 HSTs from last week.  Happy Sewing!!

I would love to see your progress if you're sewing with me.  I am lonely sewing alone!  Hope you have a good week and you get some time in your craft space.  I would love to know what you are working on, please share!!

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