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Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Bit of Everything....

Well, it is Saturday morning and you know what that means.....

No, I don't actually know what that means either, other than it is the weekend and cleaning day! Also, the Saturday mystery clue came out! The Monday mystery is completed, so I guess I will have to find another interesting project to do.  I continue to work on the wedding ring "lips" and centers. Here is my current pile of lips. This is really going to be a beautiful quilt.

I ordered some needles this week.  I don't think you can see the sizes in the photo, but the small one is 6" long.  The longest one in 12" (30cm) long! I use these to put the eyes through the head of my teddy bears.  I have some others but my longest one was 7". I can't wait to try them.  We have also been unloading boxes that have been waiting on me for a couple of years.  I found tons of teddy bear fur and tools.  I was so excited yesterday to get the mohair all hung on hangers and in a closet so I can "go shopping" whenever I want to make a new teddy bear!

Speaking of new teddy bears, I have had this one on the drawing board for a couple days. I made some changes from the way I normally design. I am sure Shane is sick of me asking geometry and engineering questions! He's glad it is finally on the fur and not changeable!  The head is different, I made it much fuller than normal. The arms are shorter than the legs and the body is a four piece body. Making the body with four pieces gives me more control over where the bear is a bit podgy. I also gave this one definite right and left feet by the way I designed the feet pads. I am really anxious to see how this all works out. In this picture, the body is the only piece that is completely sewn and turned the proper way out. Getting close now, this is the point when I don't want to stop!

I need to get to the cleaning so I can play the rest of the day. I hope your weekend is fantastic and you get a bit of time to do something you love.  Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

quilt piecefully,



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