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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Long Day

After a very long day of driving, we made it to the Sacramento area and home for the children and their mommy.  I am sure they are tired and loving being home.  When we arrived (a couple hours after bedtime) all they wanted to do was play with long lost favorite toys and explore their rooms again.  It was like watching the wonder of Christmas on their faces. So Sweet...

They both slept for a little while, we all had poor tummies after eating amusement park food for a few days.  While they slept, played and drank their bottles of water, I stitched away and got both legs finished.  I only have two arms to stitch together and half the body and it is ready to put together.  I am sure if I were home, this teddy bear would be finished, but I'm not....oh well, it's all fun anyway.

They went to the grocery this morning and Nana got to take a nice long shower and a couple minutes to write the blog for today, after missing a couple of days due to very poor internet :-(  I fly home tomorrow and will be back in the routine of home life again.  I know our lives have forever changed, I am constantly looking behind me for the little ones to be there and they are not....but I know they are enjoying time with their mommy and talking to daddy on Facetime while he's deployed.  It is all for a good cause and we are happy we had the opportunity to do it.  Looking forward to having five more in January for a week.  We want to keep the older two, but not sure mommy and papa are okay with that.....

I hear them getting out of the car, the quiet has ended!  Have a wonderful day.  I pray you are worshipping in the church of your choice and have time to do something you love.

quilt piecefully,



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