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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Proud Great Grandma!!

As I write this post Maggie, our great grand-doggie, is delivering her first litter of pups. She is a mini dachshund and most adorable. She had five, all adorable. Mommy and puppies are doing well.  

We had a busy day with Mayo Clinic.  Shane thought he had another fractured vertebrae. His T7 and T10 are fractured, they are saying the cause is either chemo induced brittle bones or the kind of cancer he had and the surgeries he had to go through, he may not have gotten all the vitamins and minerals he needs. Either way, he has osteoporosis and takes meds for it. The x-rays showed no new fractures, we are VERY thankful. Thank you for praying for him, without the comfort of your prayers, some days would be unbearable.

I also have the teddy bear cut and fray stopped.  I wait for it to dry, then pin and sew. This one is another tiny one. I am using a four-piece body on this one (first time) and hopefully, I will have drawn this one as well as the shape on the bigger one. The legs are more proportionate to the body and the arms are wide at the top like the legs.  We will see how it looks as it is sewn. I also have my garnet sand on hand to fill it to give it a bit of weight. I am so anxious to see it all finished. I am sewing on the wedding ring while I wait for the Stop Fraying to dry. The quilt is coming along nicely. I am anxious to see it all put together as well.  Seems as if you sew small parts together until the end of time, then BAM it all comes together. There are almost 1400 pieces in the arcs alone, plus all the melons and centers. I am sure I will have around 2000 pieces in this one.  I have counted pieces in one of my scrappy quilts, it has over 5000, I guess I shouldn't complain with 1885, right!?!?!?! ( I just added the pieces on the pattern!!)

Need to finish this and get busy....well, I don't NEED to, but I want to. Have a great day. Post pics on the Facebook page, I love hearing from you and seeing what you are accomplishing. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

quilt piece-fully,


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