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Friday, October 31, 2014

Slow Progress

This may look like a pile of fur to you, but it is progress to me! Thursday was a busy day with a hair appointment, my husband took me to lunch and AT&T and ordered a new phone for me, and I had some shopping I needed to do.  While I sat at the hairdressers, I worked on this tiny little guy.  I didn't want to stop, but she had to rinse the color out! I just get a few high and low lights, I am fortunate as I don't have any gray yet!!  

I am amazed at how many people like my teddy bears.  I sold three more today. I am shocked! I really need to get my backside into gear and get the orders filled! I sold two tiny ones and a 10" one. WOW! Makes me feel pretty good, I won't lie! I am going to start posting tutorials soon for bear making. This will make it easier for those making bears from my kits.

Today looks to be really busy too. The dogs get groomed, lizard sitting, and building kits for those who have ordered them. I am excited to get going. I also have tons of laundry to do and this house needs a serious clean! It is so easy to just play all day and let the dust collect. Why is that so???? I need to meet my goal for this week on the quilt. I am doing Bonnie Hunter's new mystery as well. She gives the first clue the day after Thanksgiving. I have the paint chips for color and need to start pulling scraps for that. I love her mysteries, they use all the scraps from the quilts I have already finished. 

For those of you who love it....Happy Halloween! We don't have children at home any more and don't celebrate it. Enjoy your day and be safe out there. 

Have a super day, don't forget to make time to do something you love. I am hoping to have pics of a pretty much finished bear tomorrow.

P.S. the scissors in that picture are 4-1/2" long...tiny bear!

quilt piece-fully,


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