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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So Far, So Good

It seems the new design is working out ok. I have the bear put together and it looks like the design changes are helping it look more like a bear. I made a four piece body vs. a two piece, giving me more control over the tail area, the podginess of the tummy, and gives a more rounded body. I also made the arms and legs shorter, which is one part I am not sure I like. The arms yes, but not sure the legs are proportionate to the overall size of the bear. I also made the foot pads more straight on one side, giving a definite left and right foot which I have never done before. As cute as this one is, it may not make it to the pattern stage without adjustments. Here I am plucking the fur from his nose so it doesn't stick out through the embroidery.

As I continued plucking, I soon realized you couldn't see his eyes and I needed to pluck higher on his "forehead". Don't look too closely at this picture or you will see I plucked a bit too hard right on the center of the nose seam and pulled out a couple stitches, an easy fix. I decided to stop here with the plucking and start with the embroidery before I go too far and regret it! I can always go back and pluck more later. Now I can see the eyes and choose a bit more of the facial expression. This "work" is way too much fun!

Now for the really exciting part, adding the individual look and character. Come back tomorrow morning for the finished product. Who knows where it will go from here. I can't wait to see. I think I will let him speak to me for a bit before I decide which direction his character will head.

Have a totally fantastic day. Thank you so much for your encouragement yesterday and the help with eye size along the way. I love being able to hear from you and change things right away. Keep those comments coming, negative and positive. We learn from our mistakes and become better at what we do, don't be afraid to tell me when it looks terrible!

Thank you again!

quilt piece-fully,


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