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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Taking Care of my Babies

Saturday was filled with taking care of two sick babies...my husband and granddaughter Tristan. Both have tummy issues and are down for the count.  I am hoping they feel better for church, especially since Shane is the pastor!!  Through the toilet trips and giving meds all day, I did get the Saturday mystery HSTs finished and 18 "eyes" done.  I guess since they are half done, they look more like an eye than lips, however, Tristan still LOVES them! May have to make this little one a doll blanket with the scraps so she can have her own lips quilt!! I am sure she would love that!
We are nearly out of fabric, so we should be nearly finished with the white.  We haven't used fabric E yet, so we'll see how it comes out.  These blocks are everything we've done so far. I really like the color choices.  I love how the yellow plays with the blue.  I used my companion angle ruler to save fabric. I love that ruler!

I also go the corner blocks done for the outside corners of the scrappy quilt on the wall that I finished the other day.  I need it to be bigger to fit on my king bed.  I am thinking of adding navy blue and off white strips with these stars in the corners. What do you think: one navy blue strip 8" wide or three strips (blue, cream, blue) to equal the 8 inches?  

Enjoy your day and do something that makes you happy! I hope to get the melons done in the afternoon between services.  Hope you are well.

quilt piecefully,


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