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Friday, October 10, 2014

Not Quite Finished

Well, we've gone from paper to fur to partially sewn...now all I have to do it put this little guy together.  I had to go to the small town hardware store today to find bolts small enough to use in the joints.  Also, trying to source garnet sand here is nearly impossible.  I may have to buy 50 pounds of the stuff, it is used in sand blasters but the big box hardware stores don't carry it.....go figure!

I am ashamed to say the sewing machine didn't even get turned on yesterday.  It was a busy day with children and hand stitching.  This is our last day with the children in our care.  Their mommy comes tomorrow evening to pick them up. At least she will be staying a few days so we can properly say our farewells.  We have had them four and a half months. That's a long time to get really attached. We were also busy running the normal errands it takes to keep a home moving forward.  I will turn my sewing machine back on in a bit, after this little one is finished. I will post pics later. 

Sorry this post was late today, I was so busy trying to collect all the hardware and sewing that I didn't get it written until now.  I hope you enjoy your day and do something you love. I really enjoy hearing from you.

quilt piecefully,



  1. Butch says you can find your sand blasting stuff at an auto parts store or where they sell automotive paint supplies.

  2. Excellent. I tried the hardware store, but no luck. I can find it online, but would rather look at it before I buy it. Thank You So Much!!!!!