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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Design

Hmmmm, I am not quite sure about this one.  I love the body, the head, the arms, but I think the legs are too short for the body, and the nose is too big. I can easily unpick the nose and do it again, just don't want to! It's a lot of work. I also had a hard time with the plucking. I stopped here as I cannot put it back! Shane likes him just like he is and feels the changes were for the good. What do you think?? Be honest, I am a big girl and I can take it!!


I think I may keep the body, lengthen the legs, widen the arms, and try again. Fortunately, this was an experiment and I used a small piece of leftover mohair from a different bear, so it wasn't a costly boo boo. 

I've started on the yellow and purple bear. I looked for some black to replace the purple for a true bumble bee effect, but I don't have any...go figure! I can't wait to start on the fur. It is all on paper right now. I think I am hooked again.....watch out! I will wait to see if I make a panda or a striped bear. Either way, I found these cute little wings and think I may make it an angel.  

On the quilting front, I found a BOM (Block Of the Month) by Jacquelynne Steves called Sew Sweet Simplicity.  It requires applique, which I DO NOT like, but she gives alternate approaches if you choose not to applique. I will either leave it blank or use my embroidery machine to dress it up.  It is really lovely and I can't wait to start it. She gave us the first block October 27, why don't you sew with me! jacquelynnesteves.com and choose the BOM tab.

Have an excellent day, take some time to do the things you love. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

quilt piece-fully,


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