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Friday, October 24, 2014

My AHA! Moment

Well, here it is Friday and I am just now posting my pictures from last Saturday's clue on the mystery.  I finished them last night. They were very easy, but that's not the point...I was just lazy and didn't do them when I should have! Oh well, at least they are finished!  The big blocks are squared to 16-1/2", that's pretty big.  The smaller ones are 8-1/2".  The quilt will finish at a single bed size.  Can't wait to see how it is all going to go together.

I also decided to make this little one a girl after all.  I was making a bow tie for his neck.  I kept putting it up to him and trying it for size. When it was finished, I was putting the elastic over his head and it got stuck on his ear and I had one of those AHHA! moments, HE IS A SHE AFTER ALL!!!!! Little Tristan got her way as she wanted this bear to be a girl all along! I have a friend who suggested a tutu....working on that.  I need to get some tulle.  I have the red satin, but think it would be so sweet with the netting over it, maybe even some chiffon. I have some chiffon, I might try that first to see what we think!

Well, I need to do my lizard sitting for the day and start thinking about what's on the menu for the day!  Life does go on even though I would love to spend all day in the studio.  Our neighbors are on vacation and we are looking after their five foot long lizard named Zeus. I do the petting and cleaning, Shane does the feeding and spraying.  Too much fun! I downloaded this pic from the web so you could see what he looks like. Way too cool!

Have a fantastic day and try to take the time to do something you love.  Hope to see you on Facebook or here really soon.  I enjoy hearing from you.  Thanks for stopping by.  

quilt piecefully,



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