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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dum de Dum.......

It's hard to believe the lines at an amusement park can be this long in October, but we are waiting at least 30 minutes to get on rides. The kids are having so much fun! It's nearly time to stop for lunch and it's going to be a hard job convincing them to stop! It is really neat there is an amusement park for younger children.

Nana has been busy running from LEGO to DUPLO areas to get pictures of both of them. I have the big camera so I keep forgetting to use the phone. Currently on one of those hour waits to take pics. Both are riding the "Sky cruiser" with Grandad and Mommy.

Since I am on the mobile site, I can't upload pics, I'll put them on Facebook.

Have a great day!


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