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Monday, October 6, 2014

Grit and Determination!

Well thanks to the second migraine in my life, I got absolutely nothing done yesterday.  I didn't get to go to church, Tristan had a water belly all day and the dog was throwing up all over my bed. Said dog is also tall enough to reach the front door handle and if he gets it just right it opens. He let himself and two other dogs out while Shane was at church. The boys were in the front yard sniffing the cactus, but Zoey was off visiting everyone else in the neighborhood.  I had to go find her.  Grizzle.  I learned just what I was made of yesterday that's for sure. 

AND, if that wasn't enough, the Arizona Cardinals lost their first game of this season yesterday.....bummer.  They held their own though, good game guys. Just wish the offensive line would have caught more footballs!

AND, it's Monday and the mystery clue is out.  We need to take the blocks we have made and lay them out into rows.  Sew our rows together and we will have the center finished.  Woo hoot!!!  We still have fabric and squares cut from before, so we are not finished yet.  It ain't over till the skinny lady sings! Here is my lay out on the design wall, just needs one more row at the bottom that I didn't have room for. The pattern layout calls for 5 rows across and 7 rows down.  If you made the smaller quilt, I can get those numbers for you.

AND, WHAT WAS I THINKING?  As I was laying them out I came upon this.....

How on earth could I have not seen that when I was ironing? This one MUST be fixed, this will never do.  This reminds me I am human and make mistakes all the time and am thankful for a merciful God who forgives everything.  

Hope you have a fantastic day. Hope yours is more profitable than mine yesterday and WAY less painful.  Thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes, prayers, and helpful remedies.  Getting rid of the residual headache today and all will be well.

Have a great day,
quilt piecefully,


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