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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nana, I Love Your Lips

For the longest time I couldn't figure out what Tristan meant this morning when she said, "Nana, I love your lips".  I knew I had make up on, but that I hadn't added lipstick! Then she asked me, "Do they go up there with the other ones?" Then I was really confused (I am easily confused, you know!!) I figured out it was these lips....

Going up here with these!!!!!
Now that we have that all sorted out...I feel better.  I have all the melon pieces cut and the HSTs done, just need to cut another set of arcs and put them together. I have a few more of the center pieces to cut, then just putting it all together. I am anxious to see it grow now.  I am pleased with the progress. Friday I finished another set of 18 arcs for the melons.

Saturday morning means the Saturday mystery and more wedding rings.  I still have the hems to do on six bridesmaids dresses, but the girls have to come for their fittings first!  I love weddings. The Monday mystery has been coming out on Sunday evenings, so I will have a pretty busy weekend. Maybe I should give this machine another clean and oil before I get started. 

I hope your weekend is relaxing and you have some spare time to do the things you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to post pictures on the blog or Facebook.  I love hearing from you. Still deciding on a border for the blue one.....ideas??

quilt piecefully,


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