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Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun Day

What a fun day we had at LEGOLAND. It is amazing to find an amusement park that is geared to younger children.  Everything was made out of LEGO's and the rides were slower and easier for the children.  I'm only adding a few pictures of our day.  Cole isn't very good with his chopsticks!! Kuddos to him for trying very hard to pick up his hot dog! Tristan really enjoyed it when Nana picked up her raisins with my chopsticks and dropped them in her mouth.  I love it when they think I am great!!

Tristan really loved looking at the buildings of Las Vegas, New York City, Washington D.C., and other cities across the United States.  These were all LEGO made and had moving parts  when the children pushed buttons around the fences. The day wasn't too hot, maybe in the 80's.

When the children were all tired out and ready to leave for the day, we went back to the hotel and I had some time to work on the new bear.  I have the head, ears, front of the arms, and one leg almost sewn.  I am hand-sewing all of this, so it takes a bit longer. I won't be able to finish it on this trip as I only brought these pieces with me.  I will be flying home with just a small bag and I don't have the room to get it back home, or the bag of polyfil in the car with all the kids stuff to go home.

Have a fantastic day and take time to do something you love.  Please post pictures on the Facebook page, I would love to see your projects. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

quilt piecefully,



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  1. Yes, what a fun day with those precious grandchildren. LEGOLAND looks like a great place for us to take our 6 year old grandson on his next visit to AZ. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe trip home.