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Monday, October 13, 2014


The Saturday Mystery numbers were wrong as I suspected, so I can now show you what you need to do if you are doing this one...this is the smaller one of the two current projects.  You will need to take the HSTs we made in week 2 and 4 and make 20 blocks total....10 of each of these layouts.  This should use all the blocks we have made in previous weeks, and we are nearly out of fabric.  We haven't touched Fabric E yet, so I am sure it will be a border, lattice or something neat like that. Judy is really keeping this one a secret, we finish on October 25, and we really have no clue other than the stars we did on week three what this one looks like.

 The Monday Mystery is on quiltersclubofamerica.com under Mystery Quilt 10. She posts each new clue as a new discussion. This week is week 7. You will be able to print from there.  This is the big one and takes quite a bit of fabric.  I posted a pic of the center yesterday, all we have left are borders now.  Most quilters are doing their own thing, but the pattern is there if you would like to see it. This one, we could figure out before it was posted, I knew the chain and the stars went together. We got this last clue yesterday.  I will post pics as soon as mine is finished.

I have designed another teddy bear.  I will post pics of this one as I go along as well.  It will be a bit bigger than the little poppit I did last week.  I think maybe 9-10 inches, we'll see.  I have a friend who wants to make one, I am SO EXCITED!!!  If you would like to make one too, just let me know, I can send you a kit! Don't forget to post pics as you sew along.

Have a wonderful week and take time to do something you enjoy.  Trust me, when you get to be my age, you'll thank yourself for the sanity you preserved! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

quilt piecefully,


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