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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Day of Firsts...

As well as being the first time I have traveled I-8, my first time in San Diego, it was Cole's first time in Legoland Resort Hotel, Tristan's first time at the beach, and Leesh's first time to call room service!!!!! The beach was beautiful and the water COLD!! You can see the beach from several miles away from San Diego. The sun was in the perfect place to reflect nicely off the water. What an amazing day! Phew, we were certainly tired when it was time for bed.

Tristan serenaded us along the way and Cole played on his iPad and counted train cars! Grandad was the navigator, Mommy drove, and Nana kept the children in drinks, snacks, was the official watcher outer for the rest areas! 

I did get some sewing done amongst my nanny duties.  The children were good travelers and didn't need much attending to. Tristan decided this teddy bear is a girl and she needs earrings....how she knows that, I don't know, but we are going to try.  I got the head all sewn, the body darts put in, and the arms partly done. I won't get to sew over the next couple of days as we will be having too much fun.  Legoland Thursday, and zoo and USS Midway on Friday.  Shane flies out of San Diego Friday evening and the rest of us travel on home.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you reading my ramblings! Take time to do something you enjoy.

quilt piecefully,




  1. Linda told me about your blog so thought I would pay you a visit. Loved your post today! So glad to see that you are enjoying your time with those beautiful grandchildren. You certainly are making many memorable moments with them. Enjoy your time away. Gen