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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shave or Pluck??

I made a lot of progress on the teddy bear yesterday.  I have progress pictures, but first I have a delimma, do I shave or pluck this little ones face?? I am leaning toward the plucking side because the paws and feet are very smooth and you can see a lot more character when you pluck. BUT, if I shave...there is a five o'clock shadow thing going on.  I know it looks pretty funny right now, and a bit crooked, but it's all his hair and I haven't set his eyes in yet. 


 This pic is earlier in the day, I have his legs, arms, and head all filled, but not the body.  I was checking arms and legs for placement.  The head is pretty much set where it has to go!! Shaping up pretty good.  Once I decided I liked the arms and legs, I rolled down my cotter pins and filled the body, closed all the seams, and tried different size eyes to see what look I wanted.

I decided since it is a smaller bear (spot on 10 inches), to use bigger eyes so it looks more like a cub.  I am using 10mm German glass eyes, I love the look.  I also have wooden ones, but they aren't shiny and bright.  Cubs have bright eyes. I cannot do the nose and mouth until I decide if I shave or pluck. SO, this little one will just have to speak to me for a bit before I choose.

I also printed the Saturday mystery clue and read through all the directions for that. I will cut and sew those up soon. I am just adding triangles to the stars to make larger squares. I need to get the border on the Monday mystery as well.  I have it hanging on the design wall, so I see it all the time as a reminder to finish it up.

I hope you have a fantastic day and have a bit of time to do fun things. I will probably have this little guy done tomorrow, so I will post pics.  Please post your pics on the Facebook page or here, I love to see what you're doing.  You inspire me! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

Off to cut triangles and borders!
quilt piecefully,


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