Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.............

Monday, October 20, 2014

Snips and Snails....

And puppy dog tails.  I had tons of help while stitching the rest of the parts of the teddy bear together.  The children got to reunite with their dogs today, Jet a long time loving bigger dog, and Frank the weeny.  Since I have Frank's uncle as my weeny, I think he knew I was a weeny lover and spent his day touching me. OHHH, I just want to take him home!!I I know it is silly to say I love my grand-doggies too, but I do!!  

The children and I had a good last full day together.  Mommy was busy going through their clothes and sorting those that were too small now and those they could wear. We did tons of washing and repacking.  She has a ton to sell and found the next lot to be okay until Christmas.  Nana knows better what to get them and that we left a few things behind that need to be sent when I get home.  We went out to lunch and to the drug store to pick up a couple things.  I should have gone to a craft type store as well, the flight may be a bit boring without anything to do as the bear is all ready for me to put together tomorrow.

This teddy bear looks flat and lifeless right now, but just you wait until we put the stuffing in and attach all the limbs.  The character really shines when the face goes on.  I use German hand blown glass eyes and embroider the nose and mouth.  I have plans for this one to have a bit of extra flare with the possibility of eyebrows, fingers and toes.... we will just have to see how it speaks to me.  I keep wanting to call it a boy, but Tristan insists it is a girl.  Guess I better start calling her by the right pronoun.

Have a wonderful day.  I hope you get the time to do something you love. It only takes five minutes to cut a few squares for a quilt, you would be amazed!  I will be flying home this evening, I know it will be a hard good-bye, pretty attached to these babies....all of them.  I will just have to look forward to Christmas and visits from ALL our grandbabies.

quilt piecefully,


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