Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.............

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Long Day

A long hard day, but now I am back home to my own bed and the center of my universe, my wonderful husband.  It was harder than I thought to leave my babies behind.  I cried at the airport for a very long time.  Still sniffling as I flew out of Sacramento.  I will certainly miss having them around. 

I don't have any pics for today and nothing to report as far as quilting or sewing, or even teddy bear making...I did laundry and re-made my bed in Sacramento, packed, ate, played with the children, drove, flew, drove, went to Costco, came home, and went to bed!!!!!

Today will be better, I'll post pics later if I can.  If not, certainly tomorrow.

Until then, have a fantastic day. Take some time to do something you love.  Let me know if your day was more profitable than mine!!

quilt piecefully,



  1. What a shook up, crazy day for you. It's a heart- acher for sure. Look up to the sky - restore from there. Blessings galore! Love!

  2. One can only restore from above! Thank you Crafts and Such! Blessings right back to you.