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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well, Saturday was the day for me to say "PHEW", finally done with this and that.  It was a busy day with cleaning the house for the children's mommy to come and trying to finish mystery steps to be ready for new ones.  I got the quilt center finished for the Monday Mystery...guess it's about time since I've had the clue all week!!  I also finished the wash that had been stacking up for a few days...at least five loads! Goodness!  The Saturday Mystery clue came out, but I am not sure it is correct yet.  I think the count if off, I will wait until Judy answers my questions before I re-post here for you.  I'm sorry it will be late.  I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but Bonnie Hunter (scrap queen of the universe) has another free mystery on her blog: quiltville.blogspot.com     I am sure you will enjoy it, I have done several and she is my inspiration for the organization in my studio! She makes her quilts from scraps.  I am pretty sure this one is all from 2-1/2 inch strips.  I usually cut my scraps into this width as it is pretty common in a lot of patterns.

I also have another piece of fur here just begging to be made into a teddy bear.  I found my garnet sand...thank you to those who made suggestions on where I could find it. I have tons of joints, but needed the hardware for them. I have a local mom and pop hardware store that is helping with all that.  I am very happy to be making them again.  I just need some fray stop, I am using craft glue for now.  I skipped that step on the little girl (she still doesn't have a name) and it frayed when I tried to close her up.  I learned a good lesson, even when you are excited to get it done, DO NOT SKIP THE FRAY STOP STEP!!!!

Have a fantastic day and worship at the church of your choice.  And, by all means, do something you love!  With mommy here, I may have a bit more time in my studio.....YAY! But, I know I will miss this little munchkins like crazy!

quilt piecefully,



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